All products marketed by Doricolor have a warranty term which is specified in the User Manual of each product. This term will begin to count from the effective delivery of the product. If the Customer needs to make a request or claim related to the guarantee of its product, it may contact Doricolor through any of the Customer Service Channels. Doricolor is jointly responsible for the Customer for any defects in the product. Therefore, Doricolor will only respond for products that have manufacturing defects, in no case will a guarantee be given, nor will a return be made, if it is due to bad handling in cases such as: crushed, melted, eaten by rodents, broken or expired packaging .

Returns and Exchanges

Doricolor will only make changes or accept returns of products in cases of warranty claims, or exercise of the right of withdrawal, or request for reversal of payment by the Customer.

Source and uses of income

The Client declares that: a) The resources with which he made the purchase, come from a legal operation, trade, profession, activity or business and those that he will eventually receive will not be destined to finance any illegal activity; b) The money with which he made the purchase was NOT obtained under any type of conduct that is enshrined in Colombian law as a criminal offense c) He has never allowed third parties to use his accounts or his credit or debit cards to deposit or administer money of which he is unaware of the origin or which is derived from conduct contrary to the law and especially the criminal law; d) He is not registered on international lists that are binding on Colombia under international law (the UN List) or on the OFAC lists, and which entitle Doricolor S.A.S to carry out any checks it considers appropriate and to terminate any commercial relationship if it confirms that it is on such lists. The Customer also declares that it is committed to the fight against corruption, bribery and in general any unethical practice.

Doricolor prohibits the use of its names and/or logos, brands and any other distinctive signs of its property as hypertext links or in any other way ("links") directed to Internet sites whose URL is different from, unless the establishment of a link of this nature is previously approved by Doricolor, in writing, in which case it must comply with the criteria and manuals for design and advertising established by Doricolor.

Doricolor reserves the right to request the removal of links that have been established on websites without its express and prior authorization.