8 tricks to improve your creativity

8 tricks to improve your creativity

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In our previous editions, we have talked a lot about creativity. Simply because the colors will always be a great ally of it. Today, we want to go deeper into this topic, especially, by giving you 8 tricks that will help to increase your creativity.

These will help you, not only to make the best painting but to boost your creativity and use it in different aspects of your daily life. Remember that this element should always be there at any time.

So, we will get creative with these tricks:

  • Surround yourself with blue

We told you! One of the curious facts about this color is that it transmits calm. Indeed, to let the creativity flow, there is nothing better than being at peace.

A study conducted by several psychologists from Columbia University, in which they tested a group of people in a room with red walls and a room with blue walls, showed that people who were in the blue room performed better in activities that required the use of their imagination and creativity.

So you know, at least one blue wall in your room will be the best ally to let all that creativity flow inside you.

  • Not everything can be perfect.

Perfectionism is good sometimes. But when you want to have a creative moment, wishing that everything is perfect, it will destroy your creativity. The idea is that you experiment, you try new things, that's where extraordinary things come from.

As they say: "you learn from your mistakes" and from those imperfect details, later on, extraordinary things can come out. Besides, since we're talking with proverbs: "for tastes, colors". Perfection will always be subjective and before other eyes, maybe what you don't like, other people will like.

  • Get out of spaces of stress and tension

Being at the office, a classroom or your usual space all the time may not allow all the ideas you have inside to flow. Most likely it's because we are used to a routine, causing the actions of our daily lives to become mechanical and we don't have to resort to new ideas. At the beginning of this blog, we talked about the color blue as that source of tranquility that we need to let out the creativity we carry inside.

You can go to a place to contemplate the sky, go to a river or bathe in a waterfall. The relationship with nature will help you find those answers you are looking for. That blue sky and the green of the trees always bring peace and tranquility.

  • Schedule a moment for creativity

At some point, you may have said that at a certain time, you're more creative. Well, once you finish reading this post you're going to grab your calendar and pick a time every day (when you feel the ideas flow more) and set it to be creative.

This is a good practice since you'll be training your brain and it will be a habit that you'll enjoy to the fullest. Remember that at this time, the quality of the ideas is not important, just focus on writing them down. It's time for creativity!

  • Be with those who know

Learn from the people around you which you think they have a lot to contribute. Ideas are sometimes better when they are shared and shaped by everyone.

The feedback you can get from others will always be a great help. Keep in mind that comments, as long as they are constructive, should be receptive to them.

  • Set yourself new challenges

When we have a challenge, we always look for a way to solve it. Some people say "nothing is too big for me, I can do it!"... Well, we have to take advantage of this attitude.

Challenge yourself every day to boost your creativity, or confront yourself in situations where you are forced to be creative. Don't think that being creative and innovative is something for a few people or that it is a quality that some people are born with.  

We all have the capacity to be creative, we just need to enhance it. Every day we work on making it better, to be beside you, and that's why we want to listen to you, so leave a comment with the topic you want us to write about in future entries. We promise that we will address them in the most creative way possible.


Created On Friday, March 13, 2020 Published by Yined Molina Comment Link
Created On Friday, March 13, 2020 Published by Yined Molina Comment Link
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