Know more about your favorite color

Know more about your favorite color

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Our daily life is surrounded by colors and we usually have one that is our favorite or that for some reason identifies us. According to the psychology of color, they have a meaning and that is why they generate emotions in us when we have contact with them.

Find some of the most common colors, related to an element of nature.

Red: Love of Nature

One of the most controversial colours, it can evoke the loveliest scenes or even send out warning signals, as it is associated with blood. But this shade of the color palette stimulates you to bring out all that energy you have inside.

In marketing, red is used to stimulate the appetite in humans. That's why well-known food brands such as McDonald's and Coca Cola include it in their logo, because in addition to provoking the appetite, in the market it is used to highlight special offers and discounts, since this color creates the need for urgency by increasing the human respiratory rate.

If you like nature and want to capture it in one of your paintings, you can paint a Red Lori from the Moluccas Islands, this endemic bird of Asia, is characterized by it’s plumage and red eyes, so a painting with this parrot, will fill your space with energy.

Yellow: sunflowers' color

Symbol of wealth and abundance. Associated with gold, joy, energy, warmth (because of the intense sun) and fun. If you have a business or a company where children are your audience, this is the ideal color for your brand, but moderately so.

Some animals have yellow spots on their skin, to alert their predators to toxic substances. But also, because of its association to abundance, in the market it is used to represent success because it produces certain emotion and transmits optimism to the person who has contact with it.

Yellow transmits intelligence. Let us remember that in Greek mythology, Apollo (the Sun God) was characterized by his wisdom and knowledge. That is why we invite you to write on yellow sheets because it will open your mind and let all your creativity flow.

Blue: like a day at the beach

Blue helps to reassure us if we are in a complex situation because it is the color of freshness, peace and one of the most important values: honesty.

In the market, it is used by companies to inspire an image of trust and responsibility. It also works very well for brands that work with a male audience and those that offer products and services associated with technology.

Being of cold shades range, this color combined with others can produce striking effects to the eye and very pleasant sensations, so if you want to get out of the stress of daily life, you can contemplate the greatness of our sky, this will give you the tranquility you may be needing. Also, if you are thinking of changing the color of your room, we recommend you to fill it with blue paint, it will surely invite you to the rest we all need.

Green: the color of the Amazon

With the yellow of energy and the blue of tranquility, the green is born, which represents nature, fertility, youth, and hope. When we look at it transmits tranquility and it is linked with inner peace and emotional balance, that is why some experts recommend that the space where you stay longer should be painted green since this tone makes the vision happy without tiring it.

It has several uses in marketing, it is mainly linked to the organizations that watch over the preservation of the environment, sustainability, and sanitary products, in addition, it is also applied in the world of finances; since its dark tonality is related to money.

If you spend a lot of time in a space loaded with energy (computers, televisions or other devices) put a small plant or cactus on your desk, this will be a great support to regulate these vibrations that can be harmful to your health.

Violet: the one who dyes petunia petals

For many, it is known as purple. If you have phobias, fears or anxieties, this is the perfect color to overcome them.  It is associated with elegance, intuition, and spirituality. For example, creative people feel identified with this color.

Advertising uses this color in its strongest shade to attract the attention of a female audience because it is strongly linked to romanticism. Moreover, in the world of cinema and television, it is the right color to talk about fiction and magic because of its relationship with mystery and creativity.

In your daily life, you will have many issues to solve and for which you may believe that their solution is impossible, so we recommend you start to capture your ideas on a purple paper or write them with purple ink, because this color will incite your brain to get all that creativity you need, "unblocking" it and letting it flow.

Pink: like the beautiful flamingo’s wings

Culturally, pink has a feminine connotation. However, the association of this color with femininity has not always been this since, in past centuries, pink was a color assigned to masculinity.

Nowadays, this color is widely used to encourage women to consume a product, although some brands also use it - in its lighter shade - to sympathize with children and reflect innocence.

Romanticism is one of its main qualities, in fact, many experts in the psychology of color say that there’s nothing bad to say about pink. This color transmits sweetness, delicacy and invites to friendship and brotherhood.

If you are a chocolate lover, this color will influence you to eat one, since it is also associated with sweetness and deliciousness.

Orange: the tiger's majesty

In this color we find the joy of yellow and the energy of red combined. When we see it, it will most likely fill us with enthusiasm, determination and lead us to be generous to others.

It is widely used to awaken creativity and generate empathy with young people, as it is related to fun and disinhibition.

In the marketing world, it is implemented to call the customer's attention and encourage them to acquire a product that can be expensive and convince them that it is also within their reach. In addition to sales, restaurants and food brands also include it in their range of colors to stimulate the appetite, one of the qualities it has by being a mix between yellow and red.

Therefore, if you happen to have a party or a meeting with your friends, try it with an orange theme, so the fun and euphoria will be with you and your guests all the time.

White: the dove of peace

White is not exactly a color, it is more the sum of all the colors or the excess of light. With white, we can inspire and generate feelings like tranquility and transmit to people an image of purity and innocence.

Advertisers use it to generate freshness in their products, that's why it is anchored to medicine and to cleaning products. Thanks to its simplicity, technology brands implement it in their devices, showing simplicity and excellence in its functionalities.

If you want to make something look big and wide, paint it white, this color generates the sensation that there is a lot of space available.

For us, nature and color are the most important thing, the same reason why all our products are responsible with the environment.

At Doricolor we are doing better every day. That is why we invite you to make new creations, new works of art with your own stamp of quality. Be inspired and inspire others with the magic of all our products. For this purpose, we have a variety of colors, gouache, clay and many more tools. We are sure that they will be your best complement to develop your creativity.

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