7 benefits of drawing for daily life

7 benefits of drawing for daily life

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We know that colors are essential in human being's life. We cannot imagine a world in black and white. Can you picture what it would be like in just these two shades?

It wouldn't make sense! Our daily lives would be boring and monotonous. 

Also, coloring and drawing are not only for children. Young people and adults can do it too and we will always be on time to color our lives.

Drawing and coloring are not only for well-known artists or painters either. If you are not an artist or do not live from drawing, this art will bring you many benefits - without the need for you to be the most expert.

As believers in the magic of color, we want to show you some of the advantages of drawing and coloring. You will certainly be encouraged to buy a notebook and pencil or a book with mandalas to color.

So, here we go!

  • It boosts our brain activity

Many studies have shown that the human being, depending on the skills he or she develops along the way, puts one hemisphere of the brain to work more than another. By starting to draw, we stimulate our brain to use both hemispheres and improve our concentration.

Did you know that by drawing we can decrease pains in our body?

  • It gives us a new tool for communication

From a young age, drawing is a great tool for expressing those ideas which we may not find a way to put into words. In the case of children, for example, once they begin to discover geometric figures and lines, these new elements allow them to strengthen their psychomotor skills.

Without a doubt, scratching and drawing also stimulates us to express our ideas, feelings, and ways of seeing life, and it encourages and increases our creativity.

You may want to tell a very special person how much you love them or feel about them. Draw a picture for them, just like in the old days.

  • It gives us a fun time

It's a moment of enjoyment. Concentrating on our creations leads us to relax and forget about the routine we have in our daily lives.

Drawing in someone’s company is also enjoyable. Those works of art that may not have been the best, will be a reason to have fun for your friends and theirs, for you. There is nothing better than sharing good moments with those you love the most.

  • Relaxing effects

They say that coloring gives you benefits very similar to meditation. When you start coloring or drawing, your mind will focus its energy on what you are doing at that moment. Moreover, if you use many colors, the diversity of these will bring to your thoughts very positive things with all the meanings they have and the variety of emotions they can transmit.

These are the meanings and emotions that your favorite color has (LINK)

  • Increase our creativity

Has anyone ever told you that your drawings are "scribbles"? Well, those scribbles are very useful, even at work. Sometimes they can be considered offensive if you're in a meeting or with a group of colleagues. But, you know something? this process of scribbling helps us to find creative solutions and to solve something.

  • We are taking care of our healthcare.

By drawing and coloring, we develop our fine motor skills. When this is lost, in a more advanced age, the risk of developing diseases such as Parkinson's and even senile dementia increases. This activity helps us to prevent these diseases in the future or also avoids falling into states such as depression.

  • It helps you identify your mood

Many of our creations or drawings, show our true state of mind. In the process, you will reflect your emotions and feelings of the moment. A creative way to find an explanation for what you are feeling and don't know why or what to call it.

Now that you know all these benefits, dare to write your anecdotes, draw what you are thinking, fill with color an idea that is still in black and white. You see, drawing and coloring will always bring positive things to your life.

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